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Corfu Island

The Island of Corfu

Corfu (Kerkyra) the second largest of Ionian Islands. It has 592 sq. km.and its 60 km long while its width varies between 4-30 km. It is one of the most beautiful and greenest Islands in Greece with total costline length of 217 km.

Corfu has rich multi-cultural heritage. Its historic monuments, its stunning natural landscape, its crystal clear blue seas, and its excellent weather all year round explains why Corfu is one of the most wanted Mediterranean destinations  and puts a powerful spell on its visitors.

The Town of Corfu

Corfu Town is the capital of the Island and It is known for its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored Venetian architecture. To the west, the Venetian-built New Fortress has a network of tunnels underneath and views over the harbor. The 15th-century Old Fortress overlooks the town from the east and features a small chapel and mosaics. The Esplanade is a landscaped park near the water.

In 2007, the old town of the city was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The municipal unit of Corfu city has a land area of 41.905 km2 (16.180 sq mi) and a total population of 40.000 inhabitants while the whole island about 120.000.

There is promenade by the seashore towards the bay of Garitsa (Γαρίτσα), and also an esplanade between the town and the citadel called Liston (Λιστόν) where upscale restaurants and European style bistros abound. The origin of the name Liston has several explanations: many former Venetian cities have a square of that name, coming from a Venetian word meaning evening promenade, but it can also refer to the closed-list aspect of an up-scale area reserved to the nobility registered in the Libro d'Oro.